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IndianAirCharters.Com is uniting the country’s best aircraft charter operators into a national network and giving travelers the tools they need to charter private jets with confidence and ease. IndianAirCharters.Com's executive team has more than thirty years of management experience in the aviation and technology industries. As passionate advocates for modernizing the air charter industry, they focused on what was missing in the marketplace:

  • An unparalleled choice of planes and features
  • A state-of-the-art reservations site
  • A system to provide price quotes in seconds
  • Network of air carriers for coast-to-coast services
  • Competitive pricing

We Are Changing the Industry

The traditional air charter industry consists of hundreds of small, regional air carriers. We believed it was time for private-jet customers to benefit from the Internet and the growing trend towards national brands. In other industries, a national brand means that customers benefit from economies of scale that result in better pricing. But we realized that the aircraft charter industry was behind the curve, with outdated reservation systems. We also recognized that private-jet passengers were paying too much with traditional reservation programs. All of the traditional reservation programs are priced significantly higher than what IndianAirCharters.Com can deliver. IndianAirCharters.Com is dedicated to unifying and improving the charter industry by creating a national network. IndianAirCharters.Com is designed to deliver simple online (or telephone based) reservations on aircraft operated air charter carriers. We offer more choices of aircraft and features — and provide travelers with more essential information about the aircraft listed on IndianAirCharters.Com — than any other company. Our air charter suppliers are carefully chosen for their ability to provide superb, reliable service. Our pricing is different, too. We're an on-demand service, so customers pay only for each trip they take. We don't set fixed hourly prices for flights: pricing will differ from trip to trip, depending on a number of factors including the odds of matching a client's itinerary with that of other customers.

We Understand the Market

Industry Fact: Did you know that the average private jet in a air charter fleet only flies about 400 hours per year? That is just a little more than an hour per day. Why? Because independent charter operators couldn't market their aircraft nationally until now. National coverage means passengers have a greater choice of private jets and charter operators have more business. IndianAirCharters.Com combines the best aspects of a national brand with the advantages of local ownership and control. Because we network together a select group of the best regional air carriers, our strength comes from sharing best practices across the industry, developing more efficient processes, and focusing on our customers' needs and expectations. Customers benefit from better service, excellent pricing, more choice, and consistently excellent flight experiences.

Our Safety Norms

100% Safe Flights

IndianAirCharters.Com proudly supports the utmost safety procedures, guidelines, and licensing. Your safety is our number one priority.Private air safety is ensured by the DGCA guidelines.Aircraft certification process is created specifically for standards jets with nine seats or less. A private airplane, along with the flight crew, are fully evaluated by government inspectors and their criteria. The list of certified and evaluated criteria are:

  • Emergency procedures and training
  • Pilot and crew experience certifications
  • Facilities
  • Record Keeping
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Flight control
  • Aircraft Components

The aircraft we book not only meet, but exceed the requirements for safety guidelines. Feel free to ask the pilots to show you any documents or safety records. You are welcome to meet the pilot beforehand and ask for a personal reference, as well as verify that reference. You should feel completely at ease with communicating with the pilots and stewards throughout your flight.
We also offer security in addition to our safety features. For Dignitaries and VIPs, we provide armed escorts. We also offer body guard chauffeured road transport to & fro for pick up and drop facilities from the location of the flight to the locaiton of residence or stay. If jewelry or cash is a concern of yours, we provide pick-up couriers for these items. We also arrange high value commodity escorts as well as Executive protection services.

When thinking about the safety of air charters, it is easy to see why the smart choice is a private airplane over commercial. Air charters also fly above turbulence, at 40,000 feet. At this height there are less aircraft in the air. In addition, smaller aircraft are easier to maneuver than larger commercial crafts. In the case of inclement weather, a private air charter can land in smaller airports, smaller areas, even on a highway, if need be.

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